A Celebration of International Women’s Day


Greetings, ladies, and welcome to a very special blog post celebrating International Women's Day 2018, a time to celebrate all things female across the world and think...

The AbayaButh Guide to Elegant, Modest Evening Wear


It's never the wrong time to invest in some beautiful evening wear, and luckily for you, here at AbayaButh we have a whole host of...

Your Guide to Hijab Designs for Spring 2018


The days are getting longer and the winter winds aren't biting so much, so it's time to turn our attention towards spring, and the hijab styles that will look absolute...

Hijab Fashion for 2018


While we all have our own unique style and way of wearing our hijabs, it doesn't mean we can't benefit from a little fashion inspiration every now and again - particul...

Eid-Ul-Adha Lookbook 2017


Assalamu'alaykum ladies,

It's crazy how fast Eid-Ul-Adha has almost come around, SubhanAllah. It only felt like a few weeks ago when we welcome...

Today’s Style of Modesty


When you hear modesty, you think long sleeves, high neck, floor length - so in other words, maxi dresses and abayas as they fit the description.

As pretty and v...

Welcoming Ramadhan


Assala'mualaykum ladies!

Hope you are all in the best of health and Imaan.

First and foremost, we shall begin by welcoming you to our latest addition to ...