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The AbayaButh Guide to Elegant, Modest Evening Wear


It's never the wrong time to invest in some beautiful evening wear, and luckily for you, here at AbayaButh we have a whole host of beautiful, elegant modest wear for evening celebrations. If it's a wedding, a party or any occasion where you want to look your best, today on the blog we have a run down of all your options…

Gorgeous Enchanted Blossom Gowns

These beautiful gowns come with stunning embroidered floral patterns that'll make you the talk of whatever event you're attending. The floral patterns cover the front of the dress and run along the sleeves, creating a burst of riotous colour - bold yet elegant in the same breath. Pair with a matching hijab to truly highlight the beautiful blossom patterning.

The Black Enchanted Blossom Gown (pictured above) looks stunning alongside a matching hijab.


Consider an amazing Almaya

Our Almaya style dresses are a gorgeous evening wear option. These dresses do all the talking with their dual stripe and rose patterning. A particular favourite of ours is the Cream Almaya Dress - the delicate cream colouring interacts with the rose lace detailing and the elegant gold belt to create a subtly bordered look - a great option if you're looking for a lighter look to complement the changing of the seasons.

Pastel perfection

For a winning combination of pretty pastels and statement-making evening wear, the Delilah Evening Gown is a great option, a winning mix of a delicate light peach coloured dress with diagonal floral patterning, all in a striking yet playful pastel shade. Pair with any pastel shaded hijab for a hijab dress combination that'll be turning heads in 2018!

Stylish and simple: Taupe Lace Dress

This stunning, smokey and dark Taupe Lace Dress is a real statement, suitable for any event. The delicate taupe colouring in the patterned design really makes this look work - and the matching golden coloured belt gives a little dash of opulence that (literally) ties the whole outfit together. As the dress is true to size, for a modest fit we would recommend selecting one size up.

For a more eye catching springtime look, our Ruby Lace Dress is a great alternative, its deep ruby red colouring makes it a striking Islamic dress option, and is best styled with black heels.

Whatever your evening wear tastes, we hope we have given a great overview of the elegant evening styles available here at AbayaButh, one of the premier UK modest clothing outlets. Have a browse of our full dress range and see what takes your fancy!

Until next time...

AbayaButh xx


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